18. november 2015
Annual Conference »Kinesiology in Ergonomics«
On 11th of November an annual conference took place in Portorož (Slovenia) called »Kinesiology in Ergonomics: A holistic approach to workers health«. 

Organizers of the conference were Port of Koper and University of Primorska (UP) Andrej Marušič. Some of our employees also participated in the conference with invited lectures. S2P company has been collaborating with Port of Koper for many years, mainly in the field of workers` health research. As the UP vice-rector for scientific research and development prof. dr. Štefko Miklavič UP said: »Connection between Universities and economy is one of the main driving force for development. It enables in one hand innovations testing in real life and on the other hand it provides competitive advantage for the economy.«

In line with this year conference topic, lecturers were talking about several health related topics and they also presented many useful strategies counter-acting deleterious effects of different workplaces, like biomechanical and psychosocial overloads, prolonged sitting, night or shift work, etc. Examples of good practice as well as the past and current activities in the field of protection of health in the workplace were also presented. Much of activities in Luka Koper were done in collaboration with S2P company.