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  • Quick and accurate 3D posture and feet analysis.

  • Scientifically validated algorithms automatically calculate all the main posture and feet deviations.
  • Safe data acquisition with a high degree of accuracy.

Posture and feet


Repetitive unilateral movements in sports and everyday life are often reflected in postural deviations. These present a risk for injuries and reduced physical and functional ability. Objective assessment of asymmetries is important for planning curative interventions and assessing the training progress. 3D scanner allows for quick and accurate assessment of postural asymmetries.


Feet morphology deviations can result in an overload of the lower extremity and/or spine. Therefore, clinical practice often recommends using orthopaedic insoles to compensate for these irregularities, such as flat foot, high arch, etc. 3D scanner scans the sole of the feet and creates an overall picture of the soles’ geometry. 


ARS (Analysis & Reporting Software) was developed based on the results of a long interdisciplinary research and clinical experiences at our company and our partners. It is a unique software interface that allows easy and quick data management, data acquisition, analysis and report generation. All automatically calculated parameters were validated in science by several independent researchers. 


Both, posture and feet scanning is performed with the same scanner and only differs in a setup. Feet analysis requires an additional bench with high-quality glass.