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  • This unique and innovative system has capabilities to synchronically evaluate all the main aspects of cycling biomechanics. It allows a direct measurement of the forces applied to the pedals in all three planes with simultaneous 3 dimensional kinematics of the lower limb with an accuracy of less than 0.1 mm. 

  • All measurements are acquired through a user-friendly software application, which allows easy database management, data acquisition, data analysis, results visualization, interpretation and report making.
  • The system can be used in everyday practice for bike fitting, evaluation of the mechanical effectiveness and injury prevention.

Measure where it matters the most



  • Rigid and lightweight mechanical frame with embedded strain gauge sensors allows direct measurement of the forces and moment around 3 axes.

  • Built-in encoder and accelerometer provide accurate information about the pedal orientation, which directly enables breaking the forces into effective and ineffective forces and hence calculation of the mechanical effectiveness without any external motion capturing system.

  • Adapters for different shoe cleat types (Look Keo, Shimano SPD-SL, Shimano SPD).

  • Reed-switch cadence sensor for determining crank position.

  • Data acquisition card allows high frequency signal acquisition with no data loses.





  • Four, ultrasonic pulse based markers connected to a wireless unit are easy to attach.

  • The system provides high accuracy (less than 0.1 mm error) in a range of 1.2 m from the listening probe.

  • No calibration needed.

  • Built in temperature sensor for higher accuracy in any laboratory environment conditions.

  • Wireless manual probe for quick and easy bicycle geometry measurement.

  • Data acquisition card allows high frequency signal acquisition with no data loses.





Well established software architecture for data management, known for valid and reliable data analysis. Easy data acquisition with predefined signal analysis, which contains all the main parameters important in cycling biomechanics. Suitable for practice and science: automatic report generation and raw signal export.Extensive graphical information on force vectors, body kinematics, etc. Automatic cycle detection with results calculation based on average of selected number of cycles.