13. january 2016
One year of publishing in magazine Polet O2
It’s been a year, since our S2P team accept the invitation for publishing in a popular semi-professional sports magazine Polet O2.

Polet O2 is a semi-professional magazine which comes out monthly. The main topics of the magazine are recreational sport, nutrition, active lifestyle and health. As a monthly appendix magazine of two most widely read Slovenian newspapers (Slovenske novice and Delo), around 120.000 copies are sold every month (which is huge if you consider that Slovenia have no more than 2.000.000 citizens).

As we planned, our topics were interdisciplinary – in the intersection of sport and health. There was a set of articles about the importance of functional stability of different body segments in the context of safe and efficient movement patterns; low back pain related topics; bike fitting and cycling biomechanics topics; and topics about the importance of regenerative techniques.

At the beginning of this year, we are pleased to announce, that our work and mission will continue in the future, as we have already set an agreement about further collaboration with the Polet O2 publishing.

All articles are available online at the Polet O2 portal, but unfortunately they are in Slovenian language only.