10. november 2015
Presentation of the S2P Ltd. on Dubai International Karate Seminar
On this year's (October 5-11 2015) International Karate Seminar (under W.K.F.), Slovenian national karate couch Matjaž Končina presented a collaboration between the Karate Federation of Slovenia and S2P Ltd. 

Our collaboration with the national team is an example of good practice of implementing systematic testing in karate. Seminar participants (more that 60 karate coaches and judges and over 80 elite athletes) were mainly from United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India, Qatar, Oman and Egypt. Presentation was well received and many participants were left enthusiastic about our products and already expressed interest for cooperation.
At S2P, Ltd. we are performing diagnostic testing of elite athletes from Karate Federation of Slovenia. Testing is done using a battery test which was specifically designed for karate athletes and is furthered with an in-depth analysis of the data using bespoke sophisticated software. The results are interpreted and presented to athletes and their coaches. The results provide guidance to training planning for performance improvement and prevention from the musculo-skeletal injuries.