27. june 2016
Presentation of the S2P product on “Ergonomics 2016” conference
We presented our own product – innovative diagnostic measurement system for the quality treatment of low back pain patient.

Between 15th and 18th of June there was a 6th International Ergonomics Conference "Ergonomics 2016 – Focus on synergy” which took place in Zadar, Croatia. The conference is rare of its kind in this part of the Europe. It took place only every three years. Participants are typically ergonomics experts and researches from a broad field of ergonomics. This year the most represented participants came from Japan and Taiwan, also from Croatia, Switzerland, France, Poland etc. The conference was organized by Croatian Ergonomics Society together with several other organizing partners and endorsement partners IEA (International Ergonomics Association) and FEES (Federation of European Ergonomics Societies). In four days, more than 60 authors presented their work.

Also our S2P team actively participated on the conference. We presented our own product – a measurement system for testing trunk neuromuscular functions relevant in back pain. The product is the result of successfully finished TNC project. The purpose of it is objective evaluation of trunk functions, which are relevant in low back pain development and persistence. This innovative diagnostic system has a great value, both in clinical practice and in science. It contributes significantly to the quality of the treatment of persons with lower back pain. The system is in regular use in our clinical practice and in several rehabilitation centers abroad. As an objective measuring instrument it has great value in identification of risk factors for low back pain and in evaluation of interventions for low back pain prevention and treatment.

We also presented our two researches where measurement system was used. Precisely, we evaluated the effect of specific work on neuromuscular functions of the trunk. Only with early detection of deficits, we could prevent many low back pain cases.