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  • High-quality electronics with custom made amplifiers allow surface electromyography measurements with a high degree of accuracy and minimal environmental and physiological noise presence.

  • Electrodes for a multiple-use support routine clinical diagnostics and scientific research.

  • Multi-channel models can acquire from up to 16 muscles simultaneously. 

In clinical practice and science


Surface electromyography is a method that is often used in neurology and kinesiology for neuromuscular assessment. Our EMG system can be described as a simple-to-use product with highly adaptive electrodes and flexible cables. Software interface allows direct signal visualisation and easy-to-use post analysis.


Muscle activity is one of the most commonly used parameters in human movement and ergonomics science. The multi-channel EMG system is designed to be easily integrated and synchronised with other measurement systems, such as kinematics, force plates, dynamometers, etc. With this sort of integration one can obtain a comprehensive insight into the neuro-muscular properties of a human under various conditions and movements.



ARS (Analysis & Reporting Software) is the results of a long interdisciplinary development of our company. It is a unique software interface that allows easy and quick data management, signal acquisition, analysis and report generation. All automatically calculated parameters, such as RMS, MVC, fft, etc., are pre-built into the software and are based on scientific research, validated by several independent research organisations.


Surface electromyography systems come with a 4, 8 or 16  number of channels.