S2P, Science to Practice, Ltd. was established in 2010 with a primary purpose of research and development work in the field of kinesiology, medicine, rehabilitation and measurement sciences. Even before its official registration the current research team worked together on several projects where they developed and validated numerous measurement protocols and equipment. Today the line of products covers various measurement systems for sport and medicine diagnostics. The main aspects our products cover are measurements of muscle strength, balance, vertical jumps dynamics, posture/feet geometry, flexibility, speed, agility and biomechanical assessment in a context of different sports.

Soon after the first developments we protected most of our products with national patents and defined a clear marketing strategy. The company continues to pursue the same direction in terms of development and has a several completed products offered to the market. With an ongoing development we also expanded the team of collaborators for technical development, marketing and consultations from various areas of expertise, such us kinesiology, medicine, and mechanical engineering. We are aiming to become one of the leading companies providing modern measurement systems for diagnostics in sports and medicine. We are currently well-established in the market in Slovenia and abroad.

With our own training-diagnostics centre we became one of the most modern providers of sports diagnostics in Slovenia. Our highly educated team of experts regularly collaborates with the world-best athletes from different sports.