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  • Rich experiences from scientific and practical work with home and foreign institutions put our company as one of the top choices to design and equip diagnostics laboratories for sport, medicine and ergonomics. 

  • We provide consultations and can deliver different equipment from various manufacturers in the field of biomechanics, physiology and ergonomics. 
  • We can develop custom made elements for integration and synchronisation of different systems for the most comprehensive diagnostics.

Design and development


Providing our own range of measurement systems with possible integration in different laboratory settings and objects. We offer consultation, delivery and spot on assembly of different biomechanical measurement systems. 


With our own scientific work in the field of motor control and motor behaviour we are well aware of the demands of this specific field. We provide development and delivery of different measurement systems for motor control and behaviour. 


Collaboration with various providers and manufacturers of diagnostic equipment in the field of physiology and sport science allow us to provide delivery and spot on assembly of different diagnostics equipment. 


Assessment of loading on human body on a specific workplace often requires a very innovative approach. With experiences and knowledge of ergonomics we design and develop complete solutions for ergonomics measurements at different work places. 


The basic shell of ARS provides good ground for new development of new measurement modules. With the team of well-experienced engineers, we provide bespoke software solutions for data acquisition and/or analysis.