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  • Advanced and user-friendly solution for static joint torque measurements.
  • Adjustable and rigid mechanical frame is suitable to measure children, tall elite athletes and elderly population. 
  • Bi-lateral design allows instant left and right comparisons. 
  • Strong mechanical design with top-level electronics provide the highest level of accuracy, which sets our dynamometers as a top solution for both practice and science.

For science and practice



Objective evaluation of progress and identifying weak links in the kinetic chain are two key elements in sports diagnostics to excel in physical performance. Dynamometers are a necessity for training monitoring and performance diagnostics of an elite athlete. 




Direct comparison between the healthy and injured side is often the only way to evaluate the effectiveness of a rehabilitation programe. Our bi-lateral design allows direct comparison between the healthy and the injured side. 




Static joint torque measurements with established scientific protocols can identify people with an increased risk for non-traumatic injuries. 




Static strength is a frequent parameter measured in scientific research. High accuracy and simple synchronisation and integration with other measurement systems puts our dynamometers as one of the top choices at the field of sport science and biomechanics. 




ARS (Analysis & Reporting Software) is the results of a long interdisciplinary development in our company. It is a unique software interface that allows easy and quick data management, signal acquisition, analysis and report generation. All automatically calculated parameters were validated in science by several independent researchers. 


Our dynamometers cover most of the ankle and knee movements in different directions. All dynamometers are unique as they do not need an external power supply other than a USB interface.