• Training program design based on science and decades of practical experiences in various sports.

  • Systematic performance monitoring with advanced technologies and comprehensive diagnostics.
  • Tailoring exercise to strengthen the weak links in sport’s performance.
  • Planning, monitoring and performing training at the highest level.

Planning and assessment


We offer athletes a program design tailored to each individual based explicitly on scientifically proven methods. Progress is regularly assessed with modern training diagnostics.


Each athlete is treated by several experts with different areas of expertise in sport science to comprehensively cover the entire aspect of sport performance. We often invite other experts into the team, such us nutritionists, psychologists, physiologists and medical doctors. 


Strong international recognition in the field of sports recovery puts our research team as one of the leading experts to prescribe various recovery modalities to hasten the recovery after sports training. We provide different modalities from various manufacturers and design a program on how to use it to maximise the recovery.


In our own sport diagnostics centre in Ljubljana we perform various trainings using equipment for functional exercise (TRX, kettlebells, yoga balls, etc.). Results of such trainings can be immediately evaluated with objective diagnostics.